New Integration: Wafeq

Wafeq is a leading accounting and e-invoicing solution tailored to the Middle East and North Africa, serving 5000+ businesses. Designed to accommodate the unique requirements of businesses in this region, Wafeq enables companies to manage their financial operations efficiently, with a localized and user-friendly interface.

We are excited to have a partnership between Wafeq and RootFi. This collaboration combines Wafeq’s accounting software solution for the MENA region and RootFi’s Unified API platform for accounting data.

RootFi Sandbox

We have developed a sandbox for developers to test our API, specifically if you do not have an account with integration platform. You can quickly get started testing all the features of our API by connecting to the RootFi Sandbox for free.

Saudi Data Center

We have taken our first steps in becoming a global data integration platform by launching our first international data center in Saudi Arabia. This will allow us to provide a better service for our customers in the MENA region by being in compliance with the local laws and regulations. Read more about it in our blob post here.