Increased Data Model Coverage

  • Support for Sub Category for Accounts data model

  • Support for multiple phone numbers (mobile, telephone and fax), external links (website, email), and addresses (Shipping, Billing, Primary) for Company Info, Customers and Vendors data models

  • Support for Sub Total, Tax Amount, and Total Discount for Bills and Invoices data models

  • Support for Purchase Order data model for Zoho Books, Quickbooks and Quickbooks Sandbox, Xero, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Support for Sales Order data model for Zoho Books, Xero, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

RootFi Onboarding Improvements

  • Introduced an onboarding flow to help new users get started with their integrations more efficiently. The onboarding flow guides users through the website, providing a simple guide on how to get started with its features.

  • Integrated with Stripe to enable self-serve billing. This integration will allow users to manage their subscription plans and make payments securely on our website itself.

  • Launched a comprehensive Help Centre page, equipped with videos and other resources that offer easy access to information and support.

  • Added built-in chat support for our marketing website and dashboard, making it easier to connect with us and receive prompt assistance.

Other Updates

  • Implemented incremental syncing to ensure that there are no rate limit issues while using our platform. With this feature, you can seamlessly sync your data without any interruption or delay.