New Categories!

Introduction of Payments and Commerce Categories: The expansion of service offerings to include new categories such as Payments and Commerce signifies a strategic move to cater to a broader range of business needs.


The launch of V3 APIs marks a significant upgrade in the technology stack, delivering faster speeds and an improved response format.

If you are interested in being an early adopter, please reach out to us from the chat widget on our website or email us at

  • SDK Overhaul Powered by NextJs: The overhaul of the SDK, now powered by NextJs, introduces improvements in performance and functionality.

  • Redesign of SDK/Invite Link: The redesign of the SDK/Invite Link focuses on enhancing the user onboarding experience. A smooth and intuitive onboarding process is critical for user retention and satisfaction, making this redesign an important update.

PDF Generator

The introduction of an Invoice PDF generator compatible with all platforms, including Tally, addresses the need for a versatile and reliable tool for generating invoices in PDF format.

Other Changes

  • Implemented passthrough request features for Tally, including support for deleting and updating entries.

  • Standardized all voucher totals to be tax-exclusive. For users requiring tax-inclusive amounts, the option to utilize raw_data has been provided, offering flexibility to accommodate different accounting needs.

  • Added Tally support for integrating Bank Accounts data model and a Voucher status field to categorize vouchers as draft, void, or active.

  • The complete redesign of the website aimed at improving performance and scalability. This is crucial for supporting a growing user base and adapting to increasing demands.