Sandbox Environment Now Live!

Dive into our new Sandbox environment, built for you to freely experiment with all our features. With up to 5 connections, it’s the perfect playground to test drive our solutions with peace of mind. Get started by signing up via the RootFi dashboard. Explore, test, and perfect your use of our platform in a controlled, secure environment.

Unified Payments API - Beta Testing

Participate in the beta testing of our latest integrations with Paypal, Razorpay, Stripe, Square, and Shopify as part of our Unified Payments API.

Unified Commerce API - Beta Testing

Dive into the beta test of our Shopify integration, built to seamlessly connect your e-commerce platform with our Unified Commerce API.

Other Changes

  • Linked Tally Invoices/Bills to Payments
  • Improved support for Custom Data Models with custom oauth scopes