Our redesigned RootFi Link makes our dashboard more intuitive and seamless. Your customers can now disconnect and reconnect their platforms via a Connections Overview page. This prioritises transparency, allowing your customers to build trust in our practices.

New Features: Bulk Writes, Unified Error Handling and more!

Our new feature, Bulk Writes, allows you to make one API call to push multiple data points to your customer’s platform asynchronously. We’ve also introduced Unified Error Handling, API Logs and Webhooks Logs to improve the developer experience.

Other Changes

  • Improved Tally Integration: We’ve increased the speed and reliability of syncing Tally data via our Unified API.

  • Revamped GraphQL APIs: We’ve revamped our GraphQL APIs for a better developer experience and added support for more powerful aggregation and data queries to filter, order by and find distinct data including on all nested data models.

  • Enhanced Financial Statements: We made changes to better support Financial Statements, with the ability to filter by date, group by period, and retrieve for specific intervals.