Bulk Writes 2.0

We’ve redesigned the sync logs to support bulk writes. Now, your logs will include the bulk write API calls you’ve made all in one place.

Tally Improvements: Automated AP/AR

We have linked Invoice Payments and Invoices as well as Bills and Bill Payments. Unlike the simplicity of other accounting platforms, it’s challenging to link these models. There are hidden data models between the two that you need access to link the two models.Now, companies who are interested in automating the Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable process can leverage the Tally Integration.

Sneak peek: Wafeq and NetSuite Integrations!

We’re thrilled to have begun piloting both our Wafeq and NetSuite integrations with a few customers. If you’re interested in gaining early access to Wafeq or NetSuite, set up a call with me today!

Frictionless Pricing

We have automated our pricing plans with Togai and integrated billing with Stripe. This will make billing seamless for our customers.

Other Changes

  • Additional Filters for Financial Statements: We have added additional filters for financial statements data model. These additional filters give you the ability to filter by date range and tenure, giving you more control over how you can view your customer’s data.
  • Improved Sign-up flow: We’ve made some changes to our sign-up flow to make it even easier to get started for free with RootFi.
  • Dashboard changes: We’ve made some changes to the dashboard home page to make setting up your first connection intuitive.