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What is Integration Labs (formerly RootFi)?

Integration Labs (formerly RootFi) is a data integration platform that makes it easy for companies to connect their apps to their customers’ accounting, payments and e-commerce platforms, with more categories soon. We provide a well-documented Unified API that product teams use to read and write data to our growing portfolio of platforms.

Companies use Integration Labs to underwrite credit risk, automate accounting, surface business insights and create new business tools.

Our API saves product teams hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been spent building these API integrations in-house.

Visit our website integrationlabs.co to learn more. From our website, you can also reach out to us by opening up a chatbox from the bottom right of the page or emailing us at support@integrationlabs.co.

Why change our name?

Our customers need more than financial data and help solving unique integration challenges, and we hate saying no. We want Integration Labs to be your one-stop partner for seamless data connectivity. We will:

  • Continue to offer an ever-expanding range of pre-built integrations for the most popular software in accounting, payments, and e-commerce categories,
  • Launch integrations in new categories,
  • Accept custom service requests from customers with unique requirements, and
  • Experiment with launching new products that leverage AI and more

What the name change means for you

  • If you’re an existing customer, don’t worry nothing is changing. Here’s what you need to know:
  • All rootfi.dev links will redirect to integrationlabs.co
  • You’ll still use the same login details
  • Your existing integration settings and configurations will not change
  • All APIs will remain the same

Unified APIs

What are Unified APIs?

A Unified API (Or universal API) aggregates APIs in the same software category like accounting, payments, CRM, and e-commerce. It makes integration with various platforms easier through a standard endpoint, handling authentication, and providing normalized data models.

For example, reading invoice data from an enterprise ERP like Oracle Netsuite will look the same as reading invoice data from an SME focused, on-premsie platform like Tally. Using Integration Labs, your solution can leverage the same, normalized set of fields, regardless of the underlying platforms.