If you’re already partnered with or have developer accounts with the platforms we’re integrating, RootFi empowers you to bring your own credentials and settings.

Partner Credentials and Options

Your partner credentials and options could include OAuth master-level credentials, which are instrumental for issuing access tokens and initializing OAuth flows. This customization allows you to showcase your brand’s logo and name within the OAuth flow, instead of RootFi’s.

Default Credentials

In most cases, RootFi offers a set of default credentials and settings, eliminating the need to establish partnerships with each integrated tool.

Default Credentials not available for Xero

Due to the nature of Xero’s OAuth restrictions, we are unable to provide default credentials for Xero. You will need to provide your own credentials to integrate with Xero. Learn how to setup your own Xero’s OAuth credentials.

Configuring Credentials

When updating credentials, exercise caution to avoid disrupting your integration. Common pitfalls involve discrepancies in the redirect URL or insufficient access scopes. We recommend thoroughly testing the new credentials within your development environment and reaching out to RootFi if you encounter any ambiguities or issues.

Making Changes

Modifying credentials is a straightforward process and can be accomplished through the integrations page for any supported integrations.

Changing credentials does not affect existing integrations as we continue to utilize the old credentials for them. To transition existing integrations to the new credentials, simply ask your customer to link their account again.