Sometimes you may need to interact with data from the underlying platform that is not Unified by RootFi. In these cases, you can use the raw data field We support the use of raw_data for all our data models.

Reading data

The raw_data field contains the entire response from the underlying platform for that data object. You can use this to access any field that is not unified by RootFi.

Raw Data may contain a lot of data

Please note, that since the raw data contains the entire output of the underlying platform’s api, querying raw_data for a lot of objects may increase the latency of the read APIs.

Writing data

You can pass in a JSON object in the raw_data field when writing data. We will pass all the fields inside raw_data directly to the underlying platform.

Please read the documentation of the accounting platform to find the field name and field type of the data you wish to push to your customer’s accounting platform. If you face any problems, please contact us and we are happy to help.

Adding to our Unified API

If you find any field that you keep having to reference using the raw_data and you think it should be unified, please contact us and we are happy to discuss!