As you read through this documentation, you will encounter several core concepts and terms that are central to our products. Understanding these concepts and terms is essential for effectively utilising our products and making the most of their features and capabilities.

PlatformRefers to the accounting software, e-commerce platform, or payment processor used by your Customer. (Eg. - Zoho Books, Amazon, etc.)
CustomersA customer represents a user who has granted you access to view a subset of their accounting data—referred to as their consented data.
ConnectionWhen a Customer successfully authorises access to a Platform. If a Customer uses Zoho books and Amazon and authorizes connections to both, that would be considered as two separate connections. Connections are established when a Customer completes the authorisation process using RootFi Connect. Each Connection will have a unique access token, which is used to make API calls.

For a more comprehensive guide on basic API terms and concepts used throughout this documentation please review our Unified API Concepts: A Product Manager’s Glossary blog.