Our Invite Link allows you to invite customers to authorize data access by delivering an in-browser experience without any frontend code.

The Invite Link is a unique and secure URL that needs to be sent to your end users.

  • Fast proof of concept of RootFi without making any frontend changes, such as embedding the Connect SDK into your application
  • Your users can authorize integrations without logging into your application i.e sending URLs via email

An Invite Link can be generated in two ways:

  1. From your RootFi dashboard (No-code and beginner-friendly)
  2. Programmatically via API (Intermediate)

Via the RootFi Dashboard

You can initialize an Invite Link from the RootFi Dashboard in three easy steps.

  1. Navigate to Companies in the left navigation
  2. On the top right corner of the page, click the Invite a Company button
  3. Click Generate URL, and copy the URL

That’s it! You will be presented with a unique URL that you can send to your customer.


Refer to our Invite Link API for more details on how to generate Invite Links programmatically. Using the API, you can customize the behavior of the link, such as only displaying platforms that are relevant to your customer and prefilling the customer’s company name.