In order to get started using your own credentials for our Wafeq integration, your customer will need to first create an API Key for their Wafeq application. After that, they will need to enter their API Key on RootFi when prompted during the Wafeq integration setup on RootFi’s Connect Link.

These steps are elaborated upon in detail below.

Part 1: Get API Key

  1. Login to your Wafeq Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to API Keys under Developer on the sidebar. Click ‘Create Key’, enter a name for the key and click ‘Create’.

To get Wafeq credentials, you have to contact Wafeq and request them for Developer Keys. To get started quickly, you can use just use RootFi credentials.

Part 2: Setting up the integration Using RootFi Connect

When your customer is connecting their Wafeq account to RootFi, they will need to enter their API Key on RootFi’s invite link setup.

  1. API Key: The key generated in the above steps.