Contact Person

The Contact Person Sub Data Model is designed to efficiently represent and manage contact person information related to customers in various accounting platforms.

As a sub data model, it is always referenced by another data model. For this data model it is always linked to the contacts data model. This structure allows for efficient organisation and retrieval of contact details, ensuring a streamlined approach to handling contact person related data.

  • Unified contact representation: The model standardises data across different accounting platforms, simplifying access and management of contact information.
  • Linked to contacts: Each contact person entry is connected to a specific contact, with the contact_id property enabling easy cross-referencing and organisation.
  • Support for phone number data: The phone_numbers property links to a dedicated phone number data model, allowing for more structured and detailed storage of contact phone numbers.

Properties Supported

platform_idstringThe accounting Platform's id for the contact
contact_idstringThe platform ID of the Customer this contact is linked to
namestringThe name of the Contact
emailstringThe email id of the Contact
phone_numbersPhone NumbersThe phone numbers of the contact