The Address Sub Data Model is designed to store and manage address details associated with various accounting entities.

As a sub data model, it is always referenced by another data model, such as company info. This structure allows for efficient organisation and retrieval of address information, ensuring a streamlined approach to handling address-related data.

  • Unified address data model: The model standardises data across different accounting platforms, simplifying access and management of address-related data.
  • Linked to other data models: Each address entry is connected to a specific data model and includes the platform_id of that data model for easy cross-referencing.
  • Flexible address types: The data model supports three distinct address types, including company, shipping, and billing addresses, accommodating different use cases.
  • Geolocation support: The latitude and longitude properties enable geolocation functionality for more accurate address representation and potential mapping applications.

Properties Supported

platform_idstringThe accounting Platform's id for the address
typeenumThe type of address. Values are either COMPANY,SHIPPING or BILLING
data_modelData ModelThe Data Model linked to this address. Currently only these data models are supported: BILLS, INVOICES, PURCHASE_ORDERS, SALES_ORDERS, CONTACTS, COMPANY_INFO
data_model_idstringThe platform_id of the Data Model this address is linked to
streetstringThe street section of the address
localitystringThe locality section of the address
pincodestringThe pincode section of the address
citystringThe city section of the address
statestringThe state section of the address
countrystringThe country section of the address
latitudestringThe latitude of the address
longitudestringThe longitude of the address