Custom Data

In cases where RootFi’s unified schema is limiting, we offer the Raw Data to access every field provided by the integration. This allows you to read and write custom data to any underlying platform, so you are never limited by our Unified Schema.

We recognize that each platform has its unique characteristics and that different regions require different data. That’s why we built Raw Data to work alongside our Unified Schema at RootFi.

Additional fields (Coming Soon)

Defining your own fields from Raw Data that you can unify them across integrations you need.

Contact us to learn more.

Custom APIs

We offer several ways to sync data to ensure syncing is fast and reliable. However, all syncing happens asynchronously. If you need to fetch data synchronously in our unified format in real time, we offer Realtime APIs. With Realtime APIs you can get data directly from the integration Platform when needed, in RootFi’s unified format. Data can be retrieved in real-time when needed in any data model that we support across any integration.

In cases where RootFi’s coverage of APIs to read and write data is limited, we offer Passthrough APIs to call any API from the underlying integration using our established connection. This would be a synchronous call in which we directly call the underlying platform’s API and return the full response.