The RootFi Platform provides support for webhooks, allowing you to sync data to your systems in real-time. When data is synced from the accounting platform, the webhook is triggered immediately. To configure a webhook, please follow the steps outlined below.

How to Configure?

  1. Go to Webhooks section from the Settings page and Click 'Create Webhook'.

  1. Fill the required details
    1. Enter the name and url of the Webhook.
    2. Select the Data models for which webhooks to be called. You can just select All Data Models
    3. Event Type: Select the type of event.
    4. Headers: You can add an authorisation to your webhook such as an api_key.

Event Types

  1. CREATE: This type of event will be called when the data is synced for the first time or when a new record is pulled from Accounting Platform.
  2. UPDATE:This type of event will be called only when the data changes (not everytime RootFi syncs data). So, even if RootFi syncs data everyday but data has not changed on Accounting platform, you will not be notified through a webhook.
  3. DELETE: This type of event will be called if data is deleted on the Accounting platform. This webhook will be called only if a full_sync has been performed.

Developer Reference

Webhooks will be triggered with a POST request in the following format:

    "company_id": 12,
    "created_at": "2022-01-23",
    "data_model": "ACCOUNTS",
    "integration_type": "XERO",
    "type": "UPDATE",
    "data": {},


Webhooks are retried

Webhooks will be retried 3 times with an exponential delay. So, even if your server is busy due to large number of requests, there's no worry of loosing data 😃.