Connect SDK

RootFi supports white labelling the onboarding process through the SDK. Users can link their Accounting Platform without coming to RootFi dashboard. We currently have only Javascript SDK but you can request us for other frameworks.

Developer Reference

  1. Create an invite link by calling Create Invite Link API.
    1. If company_name is not passed, company wont be created and so, user have to enter it in the SDK.
    2. To enable only certain integrations, you can pass a list of integration codes to the api with the key integrations. If only one integration is passed, user will be redirected to the Accounting platform login url directly.
  2. Pass the Invite Link ID to SDK

Setup SDK

  1. Import the source script in the head tag. <script src=""></script>
  2. Load the RootFi SDK on page load by calling RootfiLink.initialize().
    linkToken: "", // invite_link_id returned from api
    onSuccess: () => {
       // will be called, once connection is successful
    onReady: () => {
       // Will be called once the src script is loaded
    onExit: () => {
       // Will be called when user clicks close button on SDK.
  1. Call RootfiLink.openLink(); to open the SDK. Make sure you call this function onReady is called back on initialisation.
  2. Call RootfiLink.closeLink(); to close the SDK. You can use this method to close the SDK in onSuccess and onExit Callback;

Below is the HTML snippet of integrating SDK

    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
     const RootfiLink = window.RootfiLink;
     function loadRootFi() {  
          linkToken: "1234567", // invite_link_id returned from Create Invite Link API
          onSuccess: () => { // connection succeeded  
                        RootfiLink.closeLink(); // Close the SDK
            alert("Connection Success");
            // Make an api call to save success status to your  db
          onReady: () => {  
                    // Open SDK when ready. You can open on a button Click.
          onExit: () => {  
            // Close SDK when user clicks closed.  
            // Or you can show a alert msg instead of closing iframe
            alert("Please complete the setup");
    <p><button onclick="loadRootFi()">Open Rootfi SDK</button></p>