Phone Number

The Phone Number Sub Data Model is designed to streamline and standardize the handling of phone number information across different accounting platforms.

As a sub data model, it is always referenced by another data model, such as company info. This structure allows for efficient organisation and retrieval of phone number information, ensuring a streamlined approach to handling phone number related data.

  • Unified phone number representation: The model standardises data across different accounting platforms, simplifying access and management of phone number information.
  • Linked to other data models: Each phone number entry is connected to a specific data model and includes the platform_id of that data model for easy cross-referencing.
  • Versatile phone number types: The data model supports three distinct phone number types, including mobile, telephone, and fax, catering to different communication requirements.

Properties Supported

platform_idstringThe accounting Platform's id for the phone number
typeenumThe type of phone number. Values are either MOBILE,TELEPHONE or FAX
data_modelData ModelThe Data Model linked to this phone number. Currently only these data models are supported: CONTACTS, COMPANY_INFO
data_model_idstringThe platform_id of the Data Model this phone number is linked to
numberstringThe phone number