An invoice is an itemized record of goods sold or services provided to a customer.

The Invoices Data Model is designed to standardise and simplify the handling of invoice-related information across different accounting platforms.

  • Unified invoice properties: The model consolidates essential invoice details, such as document number, due date, currency, status, and total amounts, making it easier to manage invoice data from various platforms.
  • Linked entities: Invoices can be associated with accounts, customers, line items, payments, and sales orders, providing a complete view of the invoicing process and related transactions.
  • Flexible status tracking: The model supports a range of invoice statuses, such as draft, submitted, partially paid, and overdue, for better organisation and reporting.

Properties Supported

platform_idstringThe accounting Platform's ID for this invoice
account_idstringThe platform's ID for the account to which this invoice belongs
contact_idstringThe Accounting Platform's unique ID for the contact who receives this invoice
document_numberstringReference document number for the invoice
posted_datedateDate of the invoice as recorded by the accounting platform
due_datedateThe due date for the invoice as an ISO 8601 timestamp
currencystringThe ISO-4217 currency code
currency_ratefloatRate between the currency of the payment and the base currency
statusenumThe status of the invoice. Values are: DRAFT, SUBMITTED, PARTIALLY_PAID, PAID, OVERDUE, VOID, UNKNOWN
total_discountfloatTotal value of discounts applied to the invoice
tax_amountfloatTotal tax amount levied on the invoice
sub_totalfloatTotal pre tax value of the invoice
total_amountfloatTotal value of the invoice
amount_duefloatTotal amount pending for the invoice
memostringDescription of the invoice
line_itemsLine ItemArray of Invoice Line items associated with the invoice (see below)
paymentsInvoice PaymentArray of Invoice Payments associated with the invoice
sales_ordersSales OrderArray of linked Sales Orders associated with this invoice
documentsDocumentArray of Invoice Documents associated with the invoice
accountAccountThe account to which this invoice belongs
contactContactThe contact who receives this invoice
updated_atdateDate the record was last updated in the accounting platform.