A record of goods or services purchased from a vendor

The Bills Data Model is designed to simplify the handling and retrieval of bill-related information across various accounting platforms.

  • Unified bill properties: The model unifies essential bill information such as vendor, account, dates, currency, and amounts, enabling a unified view of bills from different platforms.
  • Status tracking: The model supports tracking the status of a bill, including draft, submitted, partially paid, paid, overdue, void, or unknown, for better bill management and reporting.
  • Relationship with other data models: The model allows for the inclusion of associated line items, bill payments, and purchase orders, providing a complete picture of each bill.
  • Currency conversion: The currency_rate property allows for easy currency conversion between the payment currency and the base currency, ensuring accurate financial reporting and analysis.

Properties Supported

platform_idstringAccounting platform's ID for the bill
account_idstringThe accounting platform's unique ID of the account associated with the bill
contact_idstringThe accounting platform's unique ID of the contact associated with this bill
document_numberstringReference number for the bill
posted_datedateDate of creation of the bill
due_datedateThe due date for the bill
currencystringThe ISO-4217 currency code
currency_ratefloatRate between the currency of the payment and the base currency
statusenumThe status of the bill. Values are: DRAFT, SUBMITTED, PARTIALLY_PAID, PAID, OVERDUE, VOID, UNKNOWN
total_amountfloatTotal amount of the Bill
sub_totalfloatTotal pre tax amount of the Bill
total_discountfloatTotal discount amount levied on the Bill
tax_amountfloatTotal tax amount levied on the bill
amount_duefloatOutstanding amount to be paid for the Bill
line_itemsLine ItemArray of Bill Line items associated with the bill
paymentsBill PaymentArray of Bill Payments associated with the bill
accountAccountThe account to which this bill belongs
contactContactThe contact who receives this bill
purchase_ordersPurchase OrderArray of Purchase Orders associated with the bill
documentsDocumentArray of Documents associated with the bill
updated_atdateThe date at which the information was updated on the accounting platform