Bill Payments

The Bill Payments Data Model is designed to standardise and simplify the management of bill payment information across various accounting platforms.

  • Unified bill payment properties: The model unifies essential core payment details, such as payment date, payment mode, currency, and amount, ensuring consistent access to payment data.
  • Associated data linkage: The data model connects bill payments to related information, such as bills, contacts, and accounts, using platform-specific IDs for easy cross-referencing.
  • Currency conversion support: The currency_rate property provides the exchange rate between the payment currency and the base currency, facilitating multi-currency payment handling and reporting.

Properties Supported

platform_idstringThe accounting platforms ID for this bill payment
payment_idstringThe accounting platforms ID for the payment
bill_idstringThe platform's ID of the bill which this payment is associated with
contact_idstringThe platform's ID of the contact that makes the payment
account_idstringThe platform's ID of the account to which this payment belongs
amountfloatThe total value of this payment
payment_datedateThe date on which the payment was made
payment_modestringThe payment method used
currencystringThe ISO-4217 currency code
currency_ratefloatRate between the currency of the payment and the base currency
memostringDescription of the payment
billBillThe bill which this payment is associated with
contactContactThe contact that makes the payment
accountAccountThe account to which this payment belongs
updated_atdateThe date at which the information was updated on the accounting platform