Bank Transactions

Bank Transactions include the Transactional banking data for a specific company and account.

The Bank Transactions Data Model simplifies the management and retrieval of transaction information across different accounting platforms.

  • Unified transaction properties: The model consolidates essential transaction details such as transaction date, amount, type, and status, making it easier to work with transaction data from various platforms.
  • Linked account and customer data: Transactions are associated with specific accounts and customers through the account_id and customer_id properties, facilitating easier tracking and reporting.
  • Currency support and exchange rates: The data model includes the transaction currency and exchange rate, enabling accurate representation of multi-currency transactions and conversions.

Properties Supported

platform_idstringThe accounting platforms ID for the transaction
account_idstringPlatform ID for the account to which this transaction belongs
contact_idstringThe platform's ID for the contact to that made the transaction
transaction_datedateDate of the transaction
amountfloatThe total transaction amount
typestringThe type of the transaction
statusstringThe status of the transaction
currencystringThe ISO-4217 currency code of the transaction
currency_ratefloatRate between the currency of the payment and the base currency
line_itemsLine ItemArray of Transaction Line items associated with this transaction
accountAccountThe account to which this transaction belongs
contactContactThe contact to that made the transaction
updated_atdateThe date at which the transaction was updated on the accounting platform