The Accounts Data Model is designed to streamline the management and retrieval of account-related information across various accounting platforms.

  • Unified account properties: The model unifies essential account details, such as name, description, currency, and current balance, making it easier to work with account data from different platforms.
  • Hierarchical structure: Accounts can be linked to parent accounts using the parent_account_id, enabling the representation of complex account structures and relationships.
  • Categorisation and status: The model supports account categorisation with main categories and subcategories, as well as tracking account status for better organisation and reporting.

Properties Supported

platform_idstringThe ID that the accounting platform uses to identify this account
namestringThe name of the account
descriptionstringDescription of the account
nominal_codestringReference given to each account for a business. It ensures money is allocated to the correct account.
currencystringThe ISO-4217 currency code of the account
current_balancefloatCurrent balance of the account
statusenumThe status of the account. Values are: ACTIVE, ARCHIVED, UNKNOWN
categoryenumThe category of the account. Values are: ASSET, EXPENSE, LIABILITY, EQUITY,INCOME, PRIMARY, BANK, REVENUE , UNKNOWN
sub_categorystringThe sub category of the account
parent_account_idstringThe platform ID of the parent account
updated_atdateDate the record was last updated in the accounting platform.