Accounting Data Models Overview

We have segregated all our main data models into sections based on the use cases we have seen. Many of our main data models, such as Company Info, Invoices etc, also support sub-data models such as line items, addresses, phone numbers etc.

Most of the time, you will need to retrieve the sub-data models along with the main data model data. Our graphql api also allows you to independently fetch sub-data models.

We have a few fields that are common for all data models that will help in filtering and managing the data.

rootfi_idfloatThe unique ID we assign for that data's information
rootfi_company_idfloatThe RootFi designated id for the company
rootfi_integration_typeIntegration TypeThe accounting platform from which the data is being retrieved
rootfi_created_atdateThe date at which RootFi first synced this data
rootfi_updated_atdateThe latest date at which RootFi updated this data
raw_datajsonThe raw JSON response we get from the accounting platform for that data

If you need to read a field that we do not support, you should be able to find it in the raw_data. Please reach out to us from our website if there is some data you would like that we do not yet support.