"rootfi_id": 157,
  "rootfi_deleted_at": null,
  "rootfi_created_at": "2024-01-22T05:07:31.465Z",
  "rootfi_updated_at": "2024-01-22T05:07:31.000Z",
  "rootfi_company_id": 1089,
  "platform_id": "123456",
  "available_balance": "100.00",
  "currency_id": "USD"

The Balances Data Model simplifies the handling and retrieval of balances-related information across various ecommerce platforms.

  • Unified Balances properties: The model provides a unified representation of balances properties across different platforms, enabling you to easily access and manage balances data from different platforms.
  • Comprehensive balances information: The model provides a comprehensive representation of balances data, including all the properties and relationships that you can retrieve for an order.


Properties Supported

platform_idstringThe accounting platform’s ID for the balances
available_balancestringThe available balance in the account
currency_idstringThe currency of the balance